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Original title :Maqasid: Jurnal Studi Hukum Islam
Short title :Maqasid
Frequency :2 Issues per Year (May & November)
DOI :10.30651/Maqasid
ISSN :2252 - 5289 (Printed), 2615 - 5622 (Online)
Editor-in-Chief :Salman Al Farisi
Publisher :Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya
Language :Indonesia, English
Citation Analysis :Google Scholar, Garuda, Sinta, ROAD, Crossref, Moraref
Subject Area; Category :Islamic Law; Islamic Family Law
Discipline :Islamic Law, Islamic Family Law, Munakahat, Mawaris

Maqasid: Jurnal Studi Hukum Islam, adalah jurnal yang mempublikasikan hasil-hasil kajian dan penelitian orisinal dengan edisi terbaru dalam Studi Hukum Islam. Ruang Lingkup Jurnal Maqasid adalah (1) Hukum Islam (Islamic Law), (2) Hukum Keluarga Islam (Islamic Family Law), (3) Hukum Perkawinan Islam (Munakahat), (4) Hukum Kewarisan Islam (Mawaris), (5) Hukum Ekonomi Islam (Muamalah), (6) Ilmu Astronomi Islam (Falak), (7) Kajian Studi Hukum Islam.

Editors accept articles that have never been published in other media/journals in accordance with journal writing guidelines.





Jurnal MAQASID in 2022, will no longer accept research using SWOT and/or TOWS analysis methods, literature review research with non-reputable journals resources, and case studies that does not have good quality research method and does not have national impact. For doctoral students who submit articles, please pay attention to the quality of the articles before submitting them to MAQASID. We do not hesitate to reject articles that do not have good quality.
Every student, who has an urgent publication need, is expected to respect the journal's procedures and provide the best articles

Thank you for your attention to our journal

Posted: 2022-01-05
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Vol 12, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents

Candra Dalilah
Mohammad Jamaludin
M.A. Nurfaizi Al Uzma
Erlina B, Okta Ainita, Nurul Aini
Erna Dewi, Muhammad Ichsan
Gandhung Fajar Panjalu
Zainab ., Sudirman .
Ahmad Saifuddin Al Rosyid, Ahdiyatul Hidayah
Sriyatin Shodiq, M. Nasiruddin Darajat, M. Syamsu Alam Darajat