Qanun Medika is a medical journal of Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah Surabaya contains papers and scientific articles as realization of Tridharma college. The journal consists of three articles, in the form of research, case reports and literature review.

Name "Qanun Medika" itself is taken from a famous book 'The Canon of Medicine" works of Ibn Sina, the father of Islamic Medicine, which means" the rule of medicine ", formed since August 2016, the publication of the Journal began on January 2017 in paper based with p -ISSN 2541-2272 and e-journal with e-ISSN 2548-9526.

The Qanun Medika journal has also been indexed in 5 national scientific indexations and 8 international scientific indexations in its first year. every article in this journal already has a DOI number in it's first year of publication

We hope this journal will be useful for the readers and will be contributed to an increase of knowledge.