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Qanun Medika Vol 06 No 02 July 2022


Journal Qanun Medika Vol 6 No 2 July 2022 has been published today. It consists of 15 articles; 3 literature review, 9 research articles and 3 case reports.

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Posted: 2022-08-04



Journal Qanun Medika vol 05 no 01 January 2021 has been published. It consists 4 literature reviews, 9 research articles and 2 case reports

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Journal Qanun Medika

Posted: 2021-01-26



Journal Qanun Medika Vol 4 No 2 July 2020 has been published today. It consists of 15 articles; 2 literature reviews, 12 research articles and 1 case report

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Posted: 2020-07-31


We are proudly to announce that Journal Qanun Medika is currently ranked SINTA 3 (Science and Technology Index). This rank is based on the assessment from Indonesian Ministry of Science and Technology 2019.  
Posted: 2019-08-26

Qanun Medika Now is on Social Media


Journal Qanun Medika is now on social media. Please kindly follow our intagram and facebook account. Thank you.

Posted: 2019-07-29

NEW Editorial Team Member from Australia


Welcome to our new editorial team member from Australia: Abdullah Al Tarique, Ph.D. from Child Health Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

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Posted: 2019-07-27

NEW Template


Journal Qanun Medika has NEW template. The article should be submitted using this template, otherwise it will be rejected.

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Posted: 2019-07-25



Journal Qanun Medika Vol 03 No 02 has been published today. It consists of 10 articles; 3 literature reviews, 5 research articles and 2 case reports.

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Posted: 2019-07-23

Reference Management Software


Reference cited according to Harvard style.  In writing the citations and references, authors are recommended to use Mendeley reference management software. Please choose: American Psychological Association 6th Edition (APA).


Blanco C, Grant J, Petry NM, Simpson HB, Alegria A, Liu SM, H. D. (2008). Prevalence and correlates of shoplifting in the United States: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC). Am J Psychiatry, 165(7), 905–13.

Odlaug BL, G. J. (2010). Impulse-control disorders in a college sample: results from the selfadministered Minnesota Impulse Disorders Interview (MIDI). Prim Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry, 12(2).

Posted: 2019-07-18


Since January 2019 every submitted manuscript will be scanned using Turnitin to check similarity.  
Posted: 2019-07-18

English Article

For next edition in July 2019, we prioritize articles written in English. Therefore, for authors who write article in Bahasa please translate it first before submitting. Thank you  
Posted: 2019-05-06


Qanun Medika Vol 03 no 01 has been released today. It has 7 research articles and 3 review articles.  
Posted: 2019-03-09

Qanun Medika vol.02 no.02 has been released today


Assalamu alaikum

We want to announce that our 4th edition is already published today, on July 27th 2018, it consists of 8 research articles, 1 case report article and 1 review article. To see the new release please CLICK HERE

If you want to join us submitting your manuscript, please feel free to see the template here

Posted: 2018-07-27 More...

Qanun Medika has been indexed in SINTA and Worldcat OCLC

On January 23rd 2018, Qanun Medika has been indexed in SINTA with S4 category, and Worldcat Online Computer Library Center, hope will be better next, we would like to appreciate those who citated our articles.  
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Qanun Medika has been indexed in DOAJ

Qanun Medika has been indexed in DOAJ  
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