Peer Review Process

ACADEMOS Jurnal Hukum dan Tatanan Sosial applies a double-blind peer review policy, in which the identities of authors and reviewers are concealed. Manuscripts are distributed to several experts in related fields who evaluate them based on the journal's guidelines and criteria for high-quality research. If revisions are required, the same reviewers are involved to ensure that the revised version meets the required standards.

  1. Manuscripts are anonymised and distributed to several reviewers who are experts in the relevant field. The review process usually takes about two weeks to a month.
  2. In the double-blind peer review process followed by the journal, the review report, which contains the evaluation and feedback of the reviewers, is collated by the editor. Subsequently, the editors share these review reports with the authors, providing them with comprehensive information on the terms and conditions associated with the publication of their manuscript.
  3. If the manuscript is accepted subject to modifications, the editor will provide the authors with the review report and a formal request to modify the manuscript within seven days based on the reviewers' suggestions. The author will then resubmit the modified manuscript to the same reviewers for evaluation. If the manuscript is rejected again by the reviewers, it will be considered a final rejection, and the journal will not proceed with publication. However, if only minor changes are required, the editors may allow further modifications.
  4. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be processed for publication in digital format (soft copy). This process occurs after the author fulfils all the terms and conditions set by ACADEMOS Jurnal Hukum dan Tatanan Sosial
  5. Proofreading is an important step in the publication process where the editor sends the processed manuscript, in MS Word format, to the author or correspondent author for review and correction.
  6. Once the manuscript has undergone the review process, it will be published online. The editor will notify the author/correspondent author of the online publication and provide a link to download the manuscript. If any important changes need to be made to the published manuscript, the author/corresponding author can request corrections within one week of online publication.