About the Journal

The Indonesian Journal of Nursing and Public Health (IJNPH) is a multidisciplinary journal committed to disseminating knowledge across all facets of nursing science and public health. With a global readership and an emphasis on originality and excellence, IJNPH serves as an optimal platform for authors and readers alike to engage in profound discussions regarding cutting-edge research, nursing practice, and public health issues.

IJNPH's primary mission is to scrutinize and comprehend intricate nursing care interventions through the most rigorous research designs and methods, all in pursuit of addressing emerging research questions that captivate both researcher and the public health community. The journal's scope spans a broad spectrum, encompassing, but not confined to, areas such as adult nursing, emergency nursing, gerontological nursing, nursing in the community, mental health nursing, pediatric and maternal nursing, nursing leadership and management, family health nursing, infectious diseases, adolescent health, chronic diseases, health promotion, evaluation and intervention, public health policy and management, health economics, occupational health, and environmental health.