Plagiarism Policy

plagiarism screening

plagiarism check; some of the following still fall under plagiarism;

  1. Submitting a manuscript produced or published by others as a source, without properly acknowledging the source
  2. Refer to or quote a term, equivalent words or sentences, data and/or information obtained from a source without citing the source in the writing
  3. Citing without properly attributing the source
  4. Randomly quote a term, word, or sentence, without citing the source in the notes adequately
  5. Use an idea, notion, view, opinion, or theory without citing the source correctly
  6. Compose one's own sentence referring to a source, be it a word, phrase, idea, opinion, view or theory without correctly citing the source



Justitia Jurnal Hukum guarantees that all published manuscripts will not exceed a similarity score of 15%. plagisrism check process carried out by Justitia Jurnal Hukum using Turnitin



  1. reprimand by email message
  2. reprimand by formal warning letter
  3. withdrawal of manuscript
  4. publication ban, and
  5. blacklisting, and banning