Peran Dan Kedudukan Wanita Dalam Perspektif Islam Dan Katolik

M. Wahid Nur Tualeka


 The focus of this research is to answer three fundamental problems,
namely: first, what is the role and position of women in Islamic view? Secondly,
what is the role and position of women in the Catholic view? Third, how are
similarities and differences of the role and position of women in view of the two
 This research is a study of literary (library research) with factualhistorical

models are historical facts about the role and position of women in
Islam and Catholic perspective. The role and status of women here placed as an
object of research. The method used is the comparative method, comparing
between the two legal norms and realities, both in the form of legal norms but in a
different field, both in the form of reality. By comparing each of the aspects that
can be formulated conclusions, along with a comparison between the two.
 The findings of this study: first, the Islamic equivalent to elevate women
to men in general. Secondly, the Catholic Women spiritually and morally is higher
than men. Third, on the equation: 1. Both of them still maintaining responsibility
in the house of the work outside the home. 2. Both did not forbid women to work
outside the home as long as women do not necessarily let the household becomes
irregular and untidy, 3. Women Muslim and Catholic alike have a role as a
protector and caregivers for their children, 4. Muslim Women and Catholic
women also have the same inheritance rights. Differences: 1. In Islam, Charity
pious and faith are equal among men with women. While the Catholic, Catholic
Women spiritually and morally higher than males. 2. In Islam, men and women,
most of them are helpers and help others. They are helping each other. Whereas in
Catholicism has been established that the woman was created as an auxiliary
Human (Male).
 Recommendations from this study are: propaganda Islamiyah enjoining
the good and forbidding the evil should be kept in use and never stop so the purity
of Islam still exist and no loss of meaning. Allah knows best.
Keywords : Catholicism, Islam, Women, Role, Position


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