Nur Jannah (1), Dwijani Ratnadewi (2)
(1) TK. Tunas Harapan Jaya,


Physical deficiencies sometimes cause bullying, but there are also many people who have sense
of solidarity. “Wonder†(2012) by RJ. Palacio tells about a boy with this deficiency and this
study was meant to analyze the addressing terms used among the characters illustrating
solidarity. The aims of the research were to find kinds of solidarity addressing terms chosen by
the characters; the reason and the kind of situation of using the addressing terms. The dialogues
were framed and foregrounded to collect the data. Wardhaugh (2006) addressing terms and
Lindenberg et. al. (2006) solidarity behaviour indicators were used as the main theories to
analyze the data. The result revealed that there were four kinds of addressing terms found
mentioning first name, kinship term, nickname, and endearment name used in various but
mostly friendly, quarreling and serious situation.

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Nur Jannah (Primary Contact)
Dwijani Ratnadewi
Jannah, N., & Ratnadewi, D. (2018). THE SOLIDARITY IN ADDRESSING TERMS OF RJ. PALACIO’S CHILDREN NOVEL ‘WONDER’: A SOCIOLINGUISTIC ANALYSIS. Tell : Teaching of English Language and Literature Journal, 5(1), 35.

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