Analysis of Tensile Strength Steel Plate Connections Las At ST 42 KS BKI by electrodes AWS E 6013 / E 7018 Heinmoller PTE LTD

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Welding procedure seems simple, but actually requires knowledge of appropriate definition of the welding. Metallurgical bonding of metal in a liquid state is a fundamental principle in welding. The welding process can cause changes in the mechanical properties, physical and material structure in the weld so that it can affect the strength of the weld. The decline in the quality of welding is generally caused by improper welding way. Welding procedures actually have a standard, but the standard is not a guarantee of quality. The strength of welded joints in steel plates ST 42 KS BKI determined by the ability of welders (skills), welding position and the type of electrode. This study uses a steel plate ST 42 KS BKI with webbed arc welding (SMAW) with electrodes AWS E 6013 / E 7018 Heinmoller PTE LTD and welding position 5G. Tensile test object adapted to ASTM standards. The position of the test specimen using a standard ASME SECTION IX. Testing tensile test specimens using a tensile testing machine. From the results of this study showed the average value of 401.186 MPa tensile stress. This proves that the tensile strength of welded joints of steel plates ST 42 KS BKI position 5G welding electrodes AWS E 6013 / E 7018 can be said that the above-mentioned electrode in accordance with the specifications issued by the certifcate industrial.Kandungan carbon element for specimens A and C by 6.18% and 6.66% while industrial certificat Only 0.10%, which could lead to connection will be harder but it has a low ductility. The content of Mn specimens A and C of 0.41% while Cert industry by 1.6%.

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