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Rikhal Mutanabbi, Zuraida, Vippy Dharmawan


Movie is one of the means of entertainment that has high appeal in various circles. Along with the increasingly rapid development of the film and the larger public interest, it makes the film world as a promising business field, especially in big cities. With the competition between the cinemas with each other due to the rise of business-per-movie late in Indonesia, it is necessary to have an added value and innovation to the quality of services provided by the manager of the cinema to its visitors, both architectural and non-architectural. Gresik as one of the industrial cities in East Java which has a fairly rapid population growth, requiring a movie theater facilities as one means of public entertainment. In fact, this has been a decade of Gresik have no a movie theater facilities. This causes people in Gresik have to travel far enough to Surabaya only to watch the movie. Therefore, the necessary means of entertainment in the form of cinema in the town of Gresik, which can accommodate the needs of the community to watch movies comfortably. The study shows that to provide added value to distinguish architecturally with other theaters, it can be done by designing a plaza that serves as an outdoor cinema, open green spaces, as well as public space as a means of socializing among fellow diners.

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