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Zuraida Zuraida


Research it is based on by early research about optimalization natural ventilation and daylight of the row house .The purpose of this research to know the influence of pattern spatial the row house againts pattern circulation space and the arrangement of furniture. The row house who became scope study is the home having covering minimal so as to from research obtained characteristic of the phenomenon of who taking place within the row .Scope case study research this is Rumah Kampung (RK), RSS and RS. This research uses the method descriptive qualitative .In the study behavior with regard to architecture , emphasis on dialectical links between the space to the people who use or inhabiting room was .In addition stressed the need for understand human behavior in the harness of space. From the study concluded that spatial pattern will indicating a quantity the use of space and quantity of circulation it was a space where quantity is also was the result of the arrangement a piece of furnitur that is the impact of spatial pattern the house.

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