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Arif Sholihan, Gunawan Rofi'i


Lamongan has a lot of tourism potential, but to date the tourism potential has not been managed well. The existence of the tourist spots is very lacking in facilities, especially the inn or resort facilities. It makes less than optimal travelers to enjoy the entire tourism potential, given the supporting facilities for tourism activities are not available with decent. Design Resort Hotel should be able to bring about environmental conditions, thus providing a characteristic of an area / tourist attractions and can be easily remembered in the minds of tourists. To that end, the design of this hotel resort is made with the design approach that emphasizes the aesthetic aspect but not leave components other architectures. Design Resort Hotel nuance recreation was this final project which used the concept of metaphor, by the method of optimizing the potential of existing environmental aesthetics, architecture processed into dish.Resort Hotel Nuance recreational became a new alternative for travelers. In addition to being a tourist accommodation, resort hotel serves as a place of relaxation, and recreation. Recreational atmosphere is realized with the view adopted by the architecture of the surrounding environment so as to provide all characteristic areas or tourist attractions. The availability of the complete facility was expected to attract more tourists to come and enjoy the atmosphere serve.

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