Peran Muzakki Terhadap Intensi Zakat Profesi Kota Surabaya

Ratih Fitrianingtyas, Zubaidah Nasution


This research aims to determine intention of muzakki to pay the
professional zakat. The population in this research is Muslim workers in
Surabaya. The total of respondents as the research population is 134
workers. Techniques used in sampling are non probability sampling with
purposive sampling technique. This research used primary data collected
through questionnaires distributed to respondents based on research
instruments. The data obtained were then analyzed using regression
analysis. Based on the result of hypothesis testing show that religiosity has a
significant positive effect on muzakki intentions and income has a positive but
not significant effect on muzakki intentions. This means that the higher the
religiosity possessed by muslim workers, the higher the intention of muzakki
to pay zakat.  

Keywords : Religiosity, Income, The Professional Zakat, Intention of Muzakki.



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