Sinkronisasi Ekonomi Pancasila Dan Ekonomi Islam

Muhammad Ali Akbar, Moh. Idil Ghufron


This study discusses the concept of Pancasila economics and Islamic
economics which have basic and not conflicting similarities. Both of these
economic concepts share the goal of realizing social justice for all
Indonesian people and social equality in prosperity and prosperity as
stated in the five precepts of the Pancasila, as well as imbued with the first
principle of the One Godhead Pancasila as its basis.
In this study also explained that between the Pancasila economic
concepts and Islamic economics are two economic concepts whose basic
principles, characteristics and systems are in accordance with the
teachings in the Qur'an which is the holy book of Muslims. So that this can
strengthen the confidence of the Indonesian people to not hesitate to
implement the Pancasila economy which is the noble heritage of the
founding fathers of the nation.
The method used in this study is library research, which refers to primal
materials from two components which are the subject of discussion,
namely the study of Pancasila economics and Islamic economics. And
added with other books relating to the problems studied. While the writing
method used is descriptive analytical, namely by collecting actual
information in detail and thoroughly from the data obtained, to then
describe the exact problem under study, then analyze it directly to be
compiled as needed in this study by using data content analysis analysis.
Kata Kunci: Ekonomi, Pancasila, Islam, Al-Qur‟an, Keadilan,

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